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Skype Update and WebCam Max issues?

Date: 14 October 2009
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by MBrandhorst 10.14.2009

We all want to keep our software up to date and we don’t even think twice on compatibility issues.  Well maybe we should.  I am running an older version of WebcamMax (I believe it is 4.3, but I could be wrong).  A pop-up on my Skype stated a new version of Skype was available.  I didn’t think twice, and downloaded the update.  It installed fine no issues.  Then…

     I started Skype as I normally do verify my settings, audio check, and the video check.  POOF



Turns out the issues was, I had Skype use WebcamMax as the video source and apparently it is not compatible.

Go figure, the previous version no issues.

Started to search on for answers, haven’t found one.  I un-installed Skype and reinstalled an older release.  The issue is no longer there.  

One a side note:  A temporary fix is to make sure that Skype is using the webcam as the video source and not Webcam Max. 

So the next time it says updates are available check your sources before you dive in…

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